We are whole-health financial doctors. The mainstream financial world, as well as many individuals, are too often focused on diligent Investing as the only factor to reaching our financial goals. But, as with our physical and mental health, there are many components to a healthy financial life. Goal-setting, protection of assets, sound tax decisions, college funding and estate planning should all be woven into your financial plan for the future. As CPAs and Certified Financial Planners™ we have the expertise to do just that, and we are dedicated to teaching whole financial health to our clients and contemporaries.

• We are investment scientists, not investment salespeople.  For years, Wall Street has used TV, magazines, and every other form of marketing to convince us the traditional style of investing creates the best results for investors. Well the data is in, and it overwhelmingly indicates that traditional active management is, at best, an expensive way to invest, and at worst, a failed experiment. Investing shouldn't be sexy. It doesn't need to come to you wearing a $3,000 suit, nor does it need to sponsor college bowl games or run incessant advertising. Investing is scientific, and in its best form, includes long-term thinking, proper asset allocation, and discipline. We use a low-cost, investor-focused approach that, as research has shown, creates the best results for clients. It’s our mission to provide a transparent planning and investment process for our clients and lift the veil on the traditional Wall Street commission model.       

• We are community advocates.  We volunteer our time and resources to community causes, and we support the arts and culture, but this is something different. Often, high-quality financial knowledge is only accessible to our most financially successful families. It’s often passed down from generation to generation. But where does that leave our neighbors who have yet to amass a substantial level of wealth? Don't they deserve access to the information that can help them provide for, and protect their families?  We believe they do. In fact, we don't distinguish between a day's work spent in the boardroom or the classroom, or whether you work in a suit and tie, or a Carhartt jacket. We have onboarding programs that fit most wealth levels, and we often do pro bono work for the others. We don't turn down meetings based on income or wealth levels. We believe in the old adage that once you climb the ladder and get over the wall, you don't pick up the ladder behind you. While we specialize in the more complex financial issues faced by wealthy families, it is our mission to make these services available to those who have been ignored by other financial firms.

• We are fierce client advocates, and we ask our potential clients to be a little fierce as well. Simply put, the traditional system is not set up around your best interests. Your money often ends up in instruments that pay your broker the largest possible commission, or your account gets turned over time and time again to generate additional sales fees. Worse yet, little attention is paid to the other important aspects of your financial health, because those aspects don't normally generate fees for the broker. If the status quo works for you, then we are not the right firm for you. But if it’s not working for you, we encourage you to be a little proactive, and take control of your own financial health. It is our mission to fiercely advocate for our clients, with their best interests in mind first and foremost.

We'd be happy to meet with you and discuss an alternative to the traditional system. We are a different sort of advisory and planning firm, so we can’t guarantee that we’re the right firm for you. However, we can guarantee that you will walk out of our free initial meeting with more confidence and information.

Please feel free to email or call us to discuss further.